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At Crimson Oak, we believe a successful project begins with the first interaction with our client. Our caring and thoughtful approach helps us focus in on exactly what the customer is envisioning, and our attention to detail helps us deliver a finished product that will exceed expectations.


Our Design Process begins with a conversation about thoughts and ideas you have for a project. Even though each project varies from one client to the next, our design process doesn't. We treat every project separate and apart from the next in hopes to give each one the same level of care and detail as the one prior. Your ideas, wherever they may come from, are very important to the design process as it gives us a good starting point to build off of. 


Upon design approval, we start the building process by sourcing our wood from quality suppliers.  We use the best species of wood for your custom project, combine that with the best techniques and first class machinery to bring your ideas to life. We live for the Building Process.

It's what we love to do. 


Soon after designing and building, it’s time for delivery! Local deliveries will be made personally by one of our craftsmen. 




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